Avadhoot Dandekar

Author Speaks:

I am delighted to have the corporate experience of more than 25 years in many blue chip companies. It gives me a great pleasure of having been guided and trained by many experts on that corporate journey. I love to share my experiences through various expressions. The learning curve on that journey gave me an ‘enlightening’ insight into the value of learning.

Mathematically, the gap between ‘What I am’ and ‘What can I be’ is never ending. This delta can be as big as infinity. This gap analysis {Δ=(B1-B2)} I call being ‘Better’. We should never forget the fact that the ‘Better’ exists before the ‘Best’. And there is nothing called the ‘Best’. It’s always being better and better. Can you see the beauty? This principle can be applied to virtually anything - people, products, processes, promotions, and profits. Our whole endeavour is to bridge the gap between ‘What is’ and ‘What can be’. And this gap, this delta, I call the ‘Perfection Paradox’. And this makes our learning a never ending phenomenon. I strongly believe that we as individual human beings should continuously learn and evolve. There can be an end to knowledge, but there is no end to knowing and being. Welcome on this life journey of continuous learning. All the best !!